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Thursday, 10 November 2011 02:45


About Men’s Rights Association®

Men’s Rights Association (MRA) is a non-funded, non-aided, registered NGO fighting for equal rights for men.

MRA works in all areas of Men's welfare, salient ones, being the ones given below:

1. Spreading Awareness on Men's Rights.

- Breaking the Myths of Protector and Provider role.

- Fair Understanding of Men's (3R’s) - Roles, Responsibilities and Rights.

- Protest against incorrect representation of men in media.

- Making people aware of the fact, that Men are human too.

2. Giving a Quality life for Men.

- Breaking the false myth of Male dominated society.

- Spreading awareness on unfair treatment by society to Men throughout his lifetime- As a child, as a young boy, as a married man, and when he is old.

3. Fighting against misandry (male-hatred) prevailing in society.

- Rebel against social mindset of assumption of Men being born criminals.

- Train men's emotion and groom for a better life.

- Media representation highlighting the plights of Men.


4. Providing legal guidance and emotional support to distressed Men.

- Tactics and tricks to fight matrimonial disputes and false accusations.

- Working towards lowering suicide rate of men.

- A ray of hope for improving Quality of life for men.

- Organizing Men and formation of support groups.

5. Working towards, betterment of men's health.

- Conducting awareness camps for discussing medical problems of men.

- Sponsoring treatment of male-specific medical ailments for the needy.

- Identifying, understanding and fighting stress-points in a man's life.

6. Forming Men’s Welfare ministry

- Men contribute 82% of taxes to the government, yet there is no Commission or Welfare ministry for men.

- Even animals have Ministry, women have National Commission for women and a separate Welfare Ministry, Why not for Men?

- Sustained campaigns and pressurizing government to form Men’s Welfare Ministry and National Commission for Men.

7. Fighting for Father's rights.

- Securing minimum of shared child custody and living life with dignity.

- Shared parenting concepts with sharing proportionate child support and maintenance by both the parents commensurate with time spent with the child.

8. Establishing old age home for Men.

- Elderly abuse by daughter-in-law is rampant in society.

- Endeavour to support the aged men and establish old-age homes. With more than 95% of the homeless being males, this is very much needed.

9. Analysis and Research on Men's issues in various aspects of life.

- Train Men to think towards identifying various aspects of Men issues which society is not aware of and not well recognized.

- Conducting research on gender specific problems faced by men.

Please join and help us in improving life of the most ignored section of Society......


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