Protest against PM Modi’s anti-Men speech

On 15th August 2014, while addressing the nation, Indian Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Modi spoke about shit. He said, “our” mothers and sisters don’t have toilets. Hence they defecate only in dark ! He said, we need to build toilets for our mothers and sisters. While he was talking about this, he assumed that Indian Men like to shit in public. The PM is totally out of touch with reality. In India females frequently do shit in open areas in broad daylight. No one likes to shit in open including Men. But he didn’t mentioned Men, because for him, Men do not have any shame.
It is this inherent bias and prejudice that is prevalent in society, due to which Men suffer. Even a person like Prime Minister of India is no different. He has the same shitty orthodox biased mindset against Men.

MRA has sent below letter to PM Mr. Narendra Modi

Dear Mr. Narendra Modi,
                                      With high expectations, we eagerly heard your speech on 15th August 2014. We had high hopes that you can lead the nation forward. Hence with high hopes we were eager to hear your address to the nation on 15th August 2014. Till today, you had presented yourself as a person, who has different ideas then the traditional orthodox methods of taking India forward. 

You mentioned the topic of defecating in public. However you were only concerned about females. For you males are useless (except for political gains). You didn’t seemed to care about males at all. For you fathers and brothers are only for sacrifice. You think that fathers and brothers like to defecate in public.
Hence you want to build toilets only for females. Such biased and prejudice  mindset has resulted in untold sufferings for males.  No wonder Men of this country are committing suicide in huge numbers. It is this biased mindset of yours, which always mock at Men, resulting in depression in Men, and pushing them on the verge of suicide. 
We hope the knowledgeable PM is aware of the vast number of Men committing suicide in India every year. Certainly a matter of shame for any leader of the country. Since these suicides is a failure of the leadership.

Please see below the statistics about suicides of Males in this country every year. Such insensitive comments of yours in one of the main reasons of suicides. Men are always looked down upon, and treated like shit. You think Men do not have shame ?? With no one to care for them, suicide is the only option left open for Men in India.

Year Men Women
2001 66850 42310
2002 69332 41085
2003 70221 40630
2004 72551 41046
2005 72916 40998
2006 75702 42410
2007 79205 43342
2008 81471 45680
2009 80544 44473
2010 87180 47419
2011 87839 47746
2012 88453 46992
2013 90543 44256

  We sincerely hope that you will be sensitive about feelings of Men in future. Do care about the Fathers, Brothers and Sons of India. They are human too.

 Thanks and Regards

Men’s Rights Association


  1. August 26, 2017    

    My wife made false allegations on me and she filed 498 a MC , dvc and now she demands via police si 25 laks.for removing each case she is asking 8 laks .
    She is unmatured women listening always frds words.
    How can I i protect my self?

    Not only suffers me she filed a case in entire family and also police filed fir without counselling.

  2. Rocky's Gravatar Rocky
    July 21, 2017    

    Even i am suffering from a broken mariage.. my in laws especialy her bastard asshole father has succeeded in convincing her to get seperated with me as he has a bad eye on her.. dat bastard came with some hooligans last night to my house looted cash and jwelery n fled away.. i want dat bastard behind bars and my wife with me
    But dat pimp is using my wife and ruined both our lives..will drag dat son of a bitch to court.

  3. Janardhan's Gravatar Janardhan
    May 7, 2017    

    I m suffering from the false alligations of my cheater wife, pls help. I want & will work fr all innocent men who get stuck in such situation.

  4. Saurav Banerjee's Gravatar Saurav Banerjee
    January 5, 2017    

    I am realy happy to know that there are NGO who are standing for the Men in distress. I hope i will also get some support i would aldo like to join and work for helping men in distress


  5. Vincent's Gravatar Vincent
    October 7, 2016    

    When you are facing problems, you need to be in contact with them. Your expectation that MRA men should contact you doesn’t seem to be appropriate. They are trying to help distressed men in their own way. If you are not satisfied with them, you are free to walk alone.

  6. xfdsf's Gravatar xfdsf
    September 14, 2016    

    Hey Retards,

    99% of all men and boys must be killed off all at once. GO DIE ALONE.


    • Swaminathan's Gravatar Swaminathan
      August 27, 2017    

      What do you mean?

  7. Kabir's Gravatar Kabir
    August 30, 2016    

    Have approached a lot of NGO’s earlier when I was in need of them to gain their support, went to an extent of writing PMO as well stating facts with all proofs that i had against my wife and in laws however not even a single soul came ahead for my rescue or help.

    With my Lawyer fighting the case on merit basis and today when am at a stage of getting justice i look back to my old days and pity myself. Please fight your own battle, these NGO’s, Media friends and politicians will not come for your rescue or help. Been a year, lost my job, have limited money to spend on 7 legal cases that i had to file against my wife Rachana Dubey and her family of them with criminal intention of looting my hard earned money. Her 498 A from her ex husband is still on in Belapur court, Navi Mumbai and am her second BAKRA.

    Surprised, no supreme court guidelines were followed in my case when my FIR got registered with all false dates and false allegations. I get to know about the FIR when my security guard read the newspaper article ‘sandhyakal” stating that me and my family has harrased my wife. Vartak Nagar Police should be awarded for this.

    Everyone knows that my case is a clear case of extortion where thru DV Rachana is demanding 125000 per month INR but no one wants to act on it. Police cannot give a false report for the fir filed.

    What a IRONY in todays world, very soon we will have to launch a mard bachao aur beta bachao andolan and sit in Delhi for dharna.

  8. Deepak's Gravatar Deepak
    July 28, 2015    

    Our constitution says there will be no discrimination to any citizen on the basis of sex, caste or religion but in reality it is quite contrary to this. Differentiation is done on the plea of providing protection. This is disintegrating the society. To protect women from atrocities of men laws have been made. But In 99.9% cases of atrocities on women, men may be only instrumental but there will be a other woman who is behind the scene. Now the society is gradually is slowly turning to such extent where the institution of marriage is slowly but steadily vanishing. As a beginning Living relationship has started where any of the partner can walk out anytime until and unless there is a progeny. In this maximum losers are only women. It is high time when there should be a thought in the society to abolish Gender based institution and start institutions which are common for men and women so that there is natural both the sexes.

    • October 1, 2017    

      Target those who are responsible for the discrimination through criminal charges in violation of your rights that stand against discrimination. No where are men to be treated in such blatant disregard as second-class citizens.

  9. Dr. Ravindra Shriram Durge's Gravatar Dr. Ravindra Shriram Durge
    June 10, 2015    

    Fate of humans having male pysical form in India,@ 376, 354 etc. before official marriage, 498, domestic etc. afterwards. It seems nobody in government studied the human being carefully, an ancient photo of ardhanarinateshwara projecting Shiva in Hindu mythology explains clearly that I am both, the male physical form & female physical form, below the skin & shape I am same, two forms are simply designed by nature to invite a new baby human on earth, in both physical forms all physiological functions are same except menses & harmone levels, both forms have sex organ, (in male form it is visible & noticeable & in female it is not noticeable)with which they enjoy the act at equal level, in female form there is uterus sac & uterus sac opening called vagina for birth of new baby human & milk glands for its nourishment till the eruption of teeth.

  10. Surender Kumar's Gravatar Surender Kumar
    February 3, 2015    

    I Need support of your NGO… How can I contact with you

  11. January 26, 2015    

    Please tell us about the reply you got from PMO

  12. Rudra Pratap Singh's Gravatar Rudra Pratap Singh
    December 28, 2014    

    What to do when a woman files false complaints and police booked me charging 354, 506 and more without any enquiry. उसके बाद लड़की की पर्सनल ईमेल आई डी से मुझे मेल आ रहे हैं जिसमे लडकी बराबर दिलेरी के साथ लिख रही है कि “मैने झूठे केस में फसाया है तुझे और आगे ऎसे मामलों से बचना है तो पैसे दो।” साथ ही ये भी कि मै किसी के भी पास जाऊँ, कितनी भी सच्चाई बताऊँ कोई नही सुनेगा और वास्तव मे वही हुआ भी। उसकी बात न मानने पर उसने फिर से मेरी शिकायत कर दी कि मै उसे काल व मैसेज करता हूँ, जाॅच मे जब ये बात सिद्ध नही हुई तो नई शिकायत कि विदेशी नंबर से काॅल व मैसेज करता हूँ। साथ ही कोई पुरानी रिकार्डिंग फिर से आॅनका‌ल रिकार्ड किया और पेश कर दिया। एस. पी. को मैने मेल और मैसेज दिखाना चाहा तो वो कुछ सुनने तैयार ही नही हुए। लड़की के सामने ही दबंग फिल्म के डायलाग मारे गालियाँ दी और मारना शुरु कर दिया।

    मुझे अब आत्महत्या के अलावा कुछ समझ नही आ रहा।

      July 5, 2015    

      I am resident of Ambala city. I got married on 21.01.2014 with my wife resident of Ambala Cantt. On 22.10.2014 we blessed with a baby girl in PGI Chandigarh but due to our bad luck baby was with chromosomal problem and passed away on 26.10.2014. On 23.11.2014 she went to her maternal home to attend her sister’s wedding held on 03.12.2014 in Delhi. I also went to attend wedding on 03.12.2014 when i told my wife to come back home along with me she refused to come back then her relatives started beating me then my wife came back with me. Everything was fine but on 07.12.2014 night my wife talked to her mother but my mother in law denied to talk her on phone and said come to her home to meet her for 10 minutes then i thought nothing to worry about, i went there with my wife, my sister in law her husband and my brother in law, when we reached there my wife and my sister in law went in. but none of male member went inside their home. After few minutes her brother throw her elder sister out of their home. Then we got call from unknown number about all incident. After that when we asked my mother in law to send my wife with me then she said she will not send her and started abusing us and said she will file a dowry case against me and my wife also refused to come back. She said she want to marry my wife again. She ditched me. After that i lodged a complaint against her in women cel Ambala city my wife denied to come back and said she want divorce and demanding 1700000 as alimony. Now i want to protect myself and my old parents from them. Now i have no option other than suicide.

      • Alex's Gravatar Alex
        September 11, 2016    

        Dear Ajay,
        Most of us went through these situations and false allegations. As long as we compromise because of our career, reputation and family, we wont be able to fight against such b***ches. They are threatening you to file a false case against you, let them but fight back. Look for their family backbone/ financial support and file false case against them, like 307. There is no possible way legally or honestly to fight against them, you have to be like them. Don’t think of giving up your life, its not a solution.

  13. syed masroor ahmed's Gravatar syed masroor ahmed
    December 6, 2014    

    Its a bitter truth we, men are bound to face unlawful torture by females.
    Me also suffering with domestic problems and its becomes more painful when I think about my son who is 7 yr old.I m alive for him only.
    so sad …..may god help everyone.

  14. Shonu Kumar Rajak's Gravatar Shonu Kumar Rajak
    November 21, 2014    

    hi ! its true that in India men does not have any power to protech himself from his unfaithful wife, im the still suffering, my wife has cheated me she left just after 2 months of marriage it was a love marriage, now she showns her power that she can put me behind the bar as they have the power from IPC , 498a.. please help me if you can.

      January 29, 2015    

      Yes you are right, wife thinks like mens are garbage to use it and through it & ran with his other men

    • rahul's Gravatar rahul
      May 25, 2015    

      498 a only EVIDENCE

      When the process of recording of evidence is initiated and matter adjourned for the same purpose by giving next date, stage of such matter is notified as evidence (partly heard).
      When evidence on defence is to be secured, state evidence (defence) is mentioned. In criminal matters instituted other wise than police report, evidence is also recorded before issuance of process. State evidence before process is mentioned in such matters.

  15. Harish's Gravatar Harish
    October 16, 2014    

    Misuse of 498-A ,DV ACT is breaking Indian marriage institution. It is better to be a bachelor than being a married man and get mental and economical suffering from a wife

  16. sagar's Gravatar sagar
    September 25, 2014    

    There is responsibility only on men so women can force legally on men but there is no legal responsibility on women.
    It makes men’s mentally harassment

  17. dilip bhasker's Gravatar dilip bhasker
    August 19, 2014    

    I think it is true.At present no rules/right for a man.All rules for women

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