General FAQ

Q. If I am not a victim, can I join Men’s Rights Association?

Answer: Yes, you can join Men’s Rights Association. Anyone who is interested in working for the welfare of Men, is welcome to join Men’s Rights Association.

Q. I agree to your goal, but aren’t women the harassed gender ?

Answer: The truth is Men suffer a lot, and whenever sufferings of Men are highlighted, the topic is diluted and distracted by raking up women’s issues. Many Men are suffering, and we need to understand their pain, and help them. Instead society tries to downplay their sufferings by such questions.


For the nay sayers

Q. Are Men harassed ?

Answer: The answer is a resounding Yes. Open your eyes and mind and observe your surroundings.



  1. Shailendra Rai's Gravatar Shailendra Rai
    January 15, 2017    

    Dear Sir/ma’am,,

    i am Shailendra Rai, pursuing Development programme from Azim Premji University, Bangalore. I am from Mirzapur, Uttar Pradesh. I am very much interested in the domain of Gender and development ( when i say gender, it does not only mean women). Since, the organisations have already started coming for the placement in or campus but i am looking for the organisations which work on Gender not just only women empowerment in the name of gender equality. So, i request you, please let me know if there is any chance for me to be a part of your organisation so that i can use my full potentialities by not sitting in other organisations which are coming in our campus. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    Thanks and regards
    Shailendra Rai
    Azim Premji University, Bangalore
    Mob- 9473983339

  2. January 13, 2016    

    If any male in a relationship with his girlfriend or friend, before break up she is comfort but after break up relation, suddenly male realize, That female/friend register case of rape under section 376 and before register case she took some lacs of amount for closing this matter, but she register case after took money from male . After some months girl married with other guy. so how can this case is coming under 376? because with her presence of mind both in relationship and when both not comfort then break the relation. this is not a “RAPE”.

    This type of cheated cases from some females on male are pending in court. For this type of matters can we present public opinion which used for correction in law 376.

    In this type of cases female married with others males but males are under pressure of case which is not easily close.

    My question for you? In our indian culture physical relation before marriage is legal? If female in a relation before marriage then that is also crime because its western culture. and If female file case then male also file same case against female on same basis.

    when female file a case against male that time certain limit required, coz in some cases after 4 to 5 months or year female file case. and when all proof are study then only court announce final result in that male lossed his job,time and much more which is not easily recover.

    if female want to register case under 376 then there is “TIME LIMIT” required for file the case.
    Time in between last physial relation time and case registration date.

    right now In this type of case there is no time limit so some females takes advantage of this laws in wrong manner.

    Please please please do something.

  3. Shashank's Gravatar Shashank
    January 22, 2015    

    Dear Sir,why dont you people come on national TV News channels and spread awareness among citizens especially for men.Nowadays our biased laws only favours women at every striata of society.Our delhi metro violet line has 4 coaches out of which first coach is reserved for ladies only besides prereserved seats in every coaches.In spite of this many ladies force us to leave unreserved seats for them by incashing their gender superiority and laugh at us.Why 60 % delhi university colleges are women only despite reservations in coed colleges.please raise voice on national platform.We all will assist you.

  4. Himanshu's Gravatar Himanshu
    October 17, 2014    

    Sir I would like to point out that in the episode no. 204 of Doli Armaano Ki serial telecast on Zee Tv network, episode date 11th September 2014 a female character badmouths men at the point of recording 11:45 to 12:34. the insult at particularly 11:52 is apalling. the episode can be searched and viewed at www. by entering Doli Armaano Ki episode 204 in search. The language used is a classic example of how Tv channels, Tv serials are promoting misandry among the general public by showing males in bad light. I wonder if you can do anything about this.

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