International Men’s Day

MRA celebrates International Men’s Day(IMD) each year.  IMD is celebrated on 19th November.

MRA has been celebrating IMD regularly since 2011.

IMD came into being, to create gender balance in society. Under the guise of women empowerment, serious imbalance is being created in society, by giving undue and unfair advantage to women. This is against the principle of natural justice. IMD is in recognition of the selfless sacrifice that men do for their family, parents, wife, sisters, and children. Society has taken for granted the sacrifice of men. Men’s Rights Association (MRA) takes IMD as an occasion to enlighten the masses about the hardships and silent sufferings that men undergo. IMD is an occasion for honoring and remembrance of the contributions of men.

In India men are the victimized gender but scarcely acknowledged by the society. Men are generally depicted as selfish, egoistic, greedy and having all the bad qualities. All this is resulting in huge stress on men. The ill effect of this is seen, in the huge number of men’s suicide and lowered life expectancy. In India, number of men committing suicide is the double to that of women. Yet suicide of women and foeticides are dramatically highlighted while those of men are blatantly ignored. From the dawn of civilization, men are being considered disposable gender.

Men need to be proud of being Men, and not be ashamed about it. There are some perverts who are trying to inculcate a guilt complex in all Men, for crime done by a small minority of Men.

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Coming Soon -> Past press releases issued by MRA on the occasion of IMD.


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