Letter Campaigns

Men’s Rights Association(MRA) has undertaken many massive Letter Campaigns to voice concern of Men against unjust and tyrannical laws. MRA sensitizes law makers and elected representatives about the ills of anti-Men Indian legal system.

Salient amongst those were the below campaigns

– Protest against biased Amendments in Marriage laws.

– Support removal of IPC 498A.


  1. Asif Gani Inamdar's Gravatar Asif Gani Inamdar
    May 7, 2015    

    Will you help me in my domestic cases

    • Nitin Somaya's Gravatar Nitin Somaya
      November 26, 2015    


      I am working in UAE and I got married in March 2015, my wife came to Dubai in July

      She started complaining about my mother and father. I am working in call centre and her aunty is staying in Dubai, she used to interfere a lot, always saying why your parents interfere so much

      there are many more incidents, i wanted to kill myself, i am totally tortured by her. her massi visited to my house and i told please dont say anything to my paretns, she insulted me. and my wife was again and again saying please say sorry to massi.

      now she is in India and her parents , mediator are forcing my parents to call me to india for mutual metting

      i call my wife and she is not willing to talk, only answer is my paretns will decide

      her parents wanted to have a meeting with her Mausa who will take decision

      Her mausa went to my house in Nasik and gave bad words to my parents, called them lier , and abusive words

      the mediator said better to compromise , else he is friend of commisioner and ministers, he can take any action. also, police will listen to girls and your son will be in big problem.

      Please help me

    • Anil c naik's Gravatar Anil c naik
      February 12, 2016    

      am facing false 498a recently

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