Men’s Rights Association(MRA) provides legal and emotional counseling to members.

Most of the people who come for counseling are very depressed. MRA’s expert counselors are very good at infusing fresh breath of life in such people. MRA takes pride in turning these depressed souls into fighters. MRA is committed to reducing the growing suicide of Men.

This has helped scores of people to solve their cases, without paying anything to the wrong-doers.

MRA has seasoned counselors, who are well versed with law, and the emotional aspect of any case. All of our counselors have in-depth understanding of Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Civil Procedure Code, Domestic Violence Act, etc. Our counselors are skilled in all issues pertaining to Men’s Rights and law. So whether it is related to matrimony(498A, DV, etc) or any other issue, we have a solution for all your problems. Some of these counselors have pleaded their cases party-in-person in various courts, including High Court.

MRA’s counselors have received accolades for their in-depth counseling. They have been complimented with being more accomplished then paid professional counselors.

Please note: Counseling has to be followed up by regular attendance to weekly meetings.


  1. Dr Madhumita Devi's Gravatar Dr Madhumita Devi
    February 27, 2017    

    I am a lawyer for 25 yrs and PhD in Human Rights, and Human Rights activist. I also fight for male rights and the innocent victims fallen in traps by con women taking shelter under law. I want to join as your panelist and Legal counseller

  2. mehul pandit's Gravatar mehul pandit
    December 3, 2016    

    I am facing a lot of assualt by my wife and her family. I stay in nagpur…i need your help..please let me know contact deatils for counselling.

  3. rohit sharma's Gravatar rohit sharma
    June 29, 2016    

    plz help me i have a lot of problm from my wife…

  4. Subhadip Pal's Gravatar Subhadip Pal
    June 1, 2016    

    I am facing a lot of assualt by my wife and her family. I stay in Pune…i need your help..please let me know contact deatils for counselling.

  5. Vipul's Gravatar Vipul
    April 25, 2016    

    Sir.. Just to continue to my previous mail. I care for her more than anything else. She would stay with me for a month and then go to her mother’s house and stay there for 2-3 months. And in these 2-3 month I would call her everyday. 90% times she would disconnect my call, then i would send her messages on watsapp to which she wouldn’t reply and sometimes she would block me on watsapp as well. I fail to understand how can a person be so cruel to a person who is so much caring towards her. Infact, just last week I ordered a smart phone online and gave her mother’s address, just as another attempt to please her. I still pay her mobile bills, though she never calls me. I have even promised her an international holiday, if she comes back home. I really don’t know whatelse should i do

  6. Vipul's Gravatar Vipul
    April 25, 2016    

    Respected Sir, My name is Vipul and I live in Mumbai. I would like to seek your suggestion. I got married in 2013 and since the time I got married we were planning for the baby. I am six and a half month elder to my wife and a govt employee. After trying unsuccessfully for a year for the baby, I told her that we need to see the doctor and she started saying that it is because of your age that I am not able to conceive. I am 31 and she is 24. I still said its ok, and we both went to the doctor, who told both of us to get number of tests done. We got the tests done and i am perfectly fine and infact doctor had said that you can father a kid even at the age of 80. She is suffering from PCOS. I started her treatment. Doctor had said that this disease is due to unhealty lifestyle. She needs to cut on oily stuffs and instead have more of nutritious food. She was told to reduce tea and have oats with milk in the morning. From the same day i started taking care of her. Her mother is a very cruel woman. She herself lives seperately from her husband. She is staying in a different town since atleast 20 years. But she has denied to give her husband divorse. Reason.. She has an eye on his property as she would be the legal heir of his property. She has inculcated the same things to her daughter. She is now accusing me and my family for cruelty towards her because she is not able to conceive. And surprisingly, everybody believes her story without even trying to find the truth. She is just trying to find reason to stay at her mother’s house. How much ever I try to please her. I even apologised for no fault of mine and asked her to come back home. But the moment I would ask her to come back home, she would say anything and unnecessarily start tp quarrel, so that she would have reason to stay at her mother’s house. I had started her treatment. Doctor would give her medicines and tell us to come on a specific date for IUI. But she would quarrel just a day before and go to her mother’s house on the day we had our appointment with the doctor for IUI. This has happened couple of times.
    Sir, in our community, there is an unsaid rule that the person who asks for divorce has to pay a hefty money to the other party. She wants divorce, but she wants me to say that. She has told me that she will stay at her mother’s house whole life, but never mentioned anything about divorce. I am totally stucked sir. I am mentally depressed. Being a man, i can’t even cry. I am dying inside. I would really be grateful to you, if you could help me with this. PLS SIR.. DONT IGNORE THIS MESSAGE. I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR GUIDANCE.

  7. Parvez Momin's Gravatar Parvez Momin
    April 23, 2016    

    My name is Parvez Momin My wife is harrasing me she had filed Domestic Voilence case against me and also another case of Crpc 125. I am already paying him a interim maintainance of Rs 4000/- to my wife. She stays at pune and i am staying im Mumbai 3 times in a month i m travelling from Mumbai to Pune. I am very depressed from no where i m getting any help even the judge is not listening to me eventhough i m right on my side
    Need your help. Kindly send how can i contact you people .
    Please contact on my number 9833201057

    Parvez Momin

  8. Praveen Kumar's Gravatar Praveen Kumar
    March 1, 2016    

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Need your counselling and gudance wrt DV case on false allegations. Can I??

    Thanking you.
    praveen kumar saroj

  9. Akash's Gravatar Akash
    December 15, 2015    

    Where can I contact in Pune for marriage counciling and for on going problems and it’s effects

  10. Chaitanya's Gravatar Chaitanya
    August 26, 2015    

    Good Day,
    Men’s Right Association,


    On view of notice received from Project Director, DW&CDA,collector complex,Kurnool on 4th-Aug-2015(tuesday) and 498A dated June 3rd FR-No:60/2015 I am sending this mail.
    I asked permission to grant leave on 11th to attend counselling form my manager and I will try 100% to attend and make use of this opportunity to get together with my wife.

    I am being harassed by my Wife father so called BHASKAR NAIDU to give divorce to her daughter and demanding lakhs of money as a compensation, even DSP V.V Naidu called me to his office and asking to pay compensation to her and they booked false 498A case(PFA copy for reference) on me too and before that they(my uncle Bhaskar Naidu his brother nagama naidu and his relative lakshminarayana and also they brought around 50 college students in fully drunken sate and beaten up me and abused all my family members with filthy language to come to his house for Illarikum. (All the proofs are documented and can submit if required).

    I got engagement with Kavitha. T on 18th-DEC-2014 and we got married on Feb-14th-2015.
    After engagement I went to Hyd to continue my work at IBM company, and I use to talk with my wife for every hour daily through phone even my collegues/manager/teamlead use to tease me that you always busy in phone now a days, and eventually I fallen in love with her.
    I asked her to apply for passport to go abroad for Honeymoon or If i get onsite opportunity from my company so that we can go together and also when ever i get free weekend i use to travel to kurnool to meet her and i teached her to drive a scooty. we also travelled many places at kurnool like Kalavabugga,Jagnatha temple etc., (attached Pics for reference.)
    After marriage (feb-13-2015) all their relative came to my home for Satyanarayana Swamy Pooja held on 14th-Feb-2015(Valentines Day) and the same the night I went to my wifes home for our First night for three days and after I need to go to Hyd to report IBM and continue my work and in mean time my father asked her to go to Hyd to my Pinni home on march 6th friday 2015 malakpet and the same day i travelled from Hitech city to Malakpet my Pinnin house and we roamed many places like CHARMINAR, BIRLA MANDIR, LUMBINI GARDENS, NECKLACE ROAD, DILSUKHNAGAR BABA TEMPLE..etc, in span of three days(Pics attached for reference) and my pinni purchased nice dress to her I have done Sleeper reservation(IRCTC TICKET attached for refernce) to kurnool on 9th-march-monday-2015., and I went back to hitechcity to continue my work.
    9th – March- 2015 is the last day I met my wife.,
    So, I request you to please tell me in what way I have done Domestic violence that i received the Notice from DW&CDA through my wife.

    Finally I would like to say that, I love my wife more than my mother, Request to please unite me with my wife and there is no DV done.

    My wife is innocent and she as acting as directed by his father for his own monetary benefits. Please do the needful for me and unite me and my beloved wife.,
    Please note : Every fraction of second i am facing stressed, mental torture and mentally harassed by them.

    Even I willing to go for Narcotics test/ Lie Detector or any other test to prove myself I haven’t done any Domestic Violence or Dowry harassment.

    Thanks and regards,
    Goalla Chaitanya.


  11. T. Sushant's Gravatar T. Sushant
    August 13, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    Need your counselling and gudance wrt DV case on false allegations. Can I??

    Thanking you.
    T. Sushant.

  12. sameerkumar shah's Gravatar sameerkumar shah
    May 3, 2015    

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I woukld request for counselling and other gudance wrt my disturbed married life.

    Thanking you
    Dr Shah

  13. vishal singh's Gravatar vishal singh
    October 19, 2014    

    respected sir.greetings…I and my family are going through a prob created by my sister in law. .by creating a false case of dowry by help of trinamool congress politicians. ..would like to have help from law…if you could guide us in proper direction. ..lastly will fight but ultimately let the truth win………

  14. Manu Bajpai's Gravatar Manu Bajpai
    October 17, 2014    

    Please let me know the procedure of joining the association as well as availing counseling service.

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