MRA Philosophy

Men’s Rights Association(MRA)’s sole purpose is to work for honor and dignity of Men.

Men should not be made to suffer so that women can enjoy.

Society should not be divided on the basis of gender.

Men need to shed a lot of baggage that they carry. Prime amongst them is the role of Protector and Provider. Since because of these inflicted roles, Men are provoked to commit violence against fellow Men.

In today’s age, denouncing Men for all problem of mankind, has became a habit. Indian media continuously portrays all Men as the perpetrator of crime, and women as the perpetual victim. Such biased propaganda will have serious repercussions and some of it is already been seen.

In India the suicide rate of Men is more then double that of women(90543 Vs 38256). Every six minute a life is lost. But society is apathetic to these suicides of Men.

Just because a few(<1%) Men have power doesn’t means that we are a male dominated society. What happens to the rest 99%? And it is an open truth that most of these so called alpha males are hen-pecked. But take satisfaction in dominating other Men. It is stupid to call this as male dominance.



  1. March 12, 2016    

    Its good to come across an NGO helping men’s causes in these days of skewed and biased nature towards women even though they are the class being benefitted with all new age schemes, policies and laws designed to suit them. I want to be a part of this organization as I am partly a victim of female mental torture over past few years.

  2. AK's Gravatar AK
    April 17, 2015    

    Meri wife har roz mujhe toucher deti rahti hai..
    Subah- subah jab main jagta hun , Mata Rani se yahi prathna karta hun ki aaj k din koi jhagda na ho.
    Sayad aisa koi din nahi hoga jis din ko main apni marzi se ji paya hun.
    Wo Bina kisi baat ke ladne lagti hai … Aur ladai bhi ektarfa … Jisme wo etna hangama machati hai ki aas – paas k log ekatthe ho jate hai …
    Khud ko hi khud se marti hai aur pure din pure raag shor machati rahti hai…
    Raat me kabhi kabhi Road pe daurne lagti kabhi bahar Gir ke logo ko ekattha kar leti hai .. Uske ghar wale bhi meri kuch nahi sunte.. Ulta mujhe galiya dete hai…

    Main chah kar bhi kuch nahi kar pa raha ..
    Main ek Govt. Bank employee hun…
    Mere ghar wale garibi se jhujhte hue mujhe padhaye aur es layak banaye …
    Mere father ka dehant ho chuka hai ..
    Maa bhi Bimar rahti hai..
    Ghar ki izzat kharab na ho esliye humesha humlog dare hue bhi rahte hai…
    Wo aur uske ghar wale humesha mujhe pratarit karte rahte hai..
    Mujhe dhamki dete rahte hai ki tumhari job bhi jayegi aur tum jell bhi jaoge ..aisa tumhe fasayenge …
    Maine bahut mehnat karke es job ko paya hai..
    Wo log mujhe fasane k liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai…
    Main bahut hi depress hun…
    Ghar ke izzat pe aa bani hai….

    Main ab zindagi se dur jana chahta hu…
    Plz help me…

  3. sachin sharma's Gravatar sachin sharma
    February 21, 2015    

    I am Sachin sharma,i m married from last 3yrs…me & my mother is been torchered by my wife….we are in a huge problem…I feel like going to police BT I am not very confident that police will do anything….please help me… email Id is……

  4. Lekhraj's Gravatar Lekhraj
    August 11, 2014    

    My Wife and his family filled me a FIR which i have charges of 376D, 498A, 370, 34. NOW the case is in questiniong under delhi high court. there has been prove that it was a false case and FIR would we going to cancelled. so can anyone tell me that now what charges will be filled on my wife and his family about false FIR. and how much defemation case i will filled against her family. and how much time it take the both cases. please suggest me.she and her family also take us 5 lack rs. for settelment of dowry case. so we have loss of around 20 lack in this marriage. so please provide me some suggestion in this matter

  5. Sandeep's Gravatar Sandeep
    July 26, 2014    

    My Brother Rajeev staying in Patiala, Punjab, India need your help. He is a young man around 30 years in a Government job. What I understood is that He is under constant depression, living under extreme stress and is not able to come out of it after lot of efforts from his family and friends. This is taking toll and he is going down day by day. Could someone from your side can contact him, understand his problem, offer him some consulting and empower him to live with dignity. I am currently out of India and tried my best to counsel him without any significant result.

    Looking forward to your urgent support.


  6. Nemichand Jangir's Gravatar Nemichand Jangir
    July 19, 2014    

    Hi mra team,
    Men’s ke rights liye is desh mein ladane wala koi nahin h, I am so happy that akhir kar koi to aya. Hum jante ki yah organisation a bhi shuru hi but ye bhi Sach h ki akela chana bhad nahin fod sakat. IS LIYE MRA se asha karati Hu ki wo men commissios ki sthapana ke liye government par dabav dale. Kyonki jitani jyada of organisations honge utane hi jyada matters samane aayenge and is fight ko bhi bal milega, bharosa badhega. Sath hi main is baat ki aur bhi attention dilana chahunga ki bahut saare foreign organisations ne women kolekar kai serve kiye h ki women men se bedroom mein kya chahati h,hasband se kya chahati h kis tarah ki sewa chahati h,road pe kis tarah ka behaviour chahati h,men ko sex ke matter mein kaisa hona chahiye, wo kaise men se paresan h unhen kaisi paresaniyo se chhutkara chahiye but men kolekar kisine ase serve nahin kiye. I want to these serve for men and publication this. Iske liye mra team ko home to home jana pad sakata aur jana hi hoga Kyonki dusara koi nahin h. I hope that mra will do this.
    All the best mra team

  7. Sanjeev's Gravatar Sanjeev
    July 17, 2014    

    Dear MRA members,
    I was relieved to find MRA on the internet. I am a victim of injustice, suffering severely through the actions of a vindictive woman and her husband. The law of the land does not support me and the legal system is a huge bundle of corruption. I intend to join MRA with a hope to get some support- both legal and emotional. Meanwhile I offer my best wishes to you.

  8. R. J. GONZALVE's Gravatar R. J. GONZALVE
    July 15, 2014    

    Dear fellow members,

    I was happy to know about this organization which is working for the men’s rights.
    What I feel that even though we all may not be exploited in our house but within our locality and country , while making rules and regulations, men’s side is not taken into consideration and laws are made which are dreadful to most of men against whom these laws are misused by the women to settle her wishes. Actually what I feel that when they demand equality and empowerment, they should not expect first preferences at every step, these first preferences will not empower them but convert them into demanding persons like small child who cries for getting what he wishes also in turn making husbands or male counterpart to be at their service.
    Hence, the work for fighting for men’s rights and dignity has to be there.

    Best regards,


    • wpadmin's Gravatar wpadmin
      July 15, 2014    

      Dear RJG, Thank You for your kind words of support.

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