About Us

Men’s Rights Association (MRA) is an organization whose sole purpose is to fight for the elusive Men’s Rights. MRA is very revolutionary in its concepts.

MRA is a Registered, Self supported, Non-Funded NGO. MRA has been listed in the Top 100 social organizations of Maharashtra.

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Below are some of the important work done by MRA

  • Provide free legal help and counseling to Men in distress.
  • Create awareness about anti-male laws and attitude.
  • Remove negativity against male, and spread positive thoughts.
  • Work towards reducing suicides of male.
  • Sensitize law making bodies about Men’s issues.
  • Help reduce violence against Men.
  • Help Men live a fulfilling life.
  • Work towards a healthier life for Men.
  • Celebrate various events connected to male gender, e.g. International Men’s Day

MRA works in all spheres of life. MRA is not restricted to a limited set of activities. And you don’t need to be a victim to join MRA :-)