Men's Rights Association® is pune based registered NGO.

We work in following areas related to man's life, but sure we are not limited to them only.

#1) Spreading Awareness on Men's Rights.
--> Breaking the Myth's of Protector and Provider Role.
--> Fair Understanding of Men's Roles, Responsibilities and Rights.
--> Fight against feminist media.
--> Men are human too.

#2) Equality for Men.
--> Breaking Myth's of Male dominated society.
--> Spreading awareness on unfaire treatment by society when he is child, when he is young boy, after marriage and when he is old man.

#3) Fight against misandry.
--> Tactics and tricks to fight against social mindset.
--> Train the men's emotion to think towards better life.
--> Fight against feminist media.

#4) Legal guidance for Men.
--> Tactics and tricks to fight matrimonial disputes.
--> Train the men's emotion to think towards better life.

#5) Emotional Support.
--> Working towards lowering Suicide rate of men.
--> A ray of hope for betterment of men.
--> Men are coming together.

#6) Betterment for men's health.
--> Train the men's emotion to think towards better life.
--> Identifying, understanding and fighting stress-points of man's life.
--> Even Animals have Animal Welfare Ministry, women have women Welfare Ministry, Why not for Men?

#7) Fight for Father's rights.
--> Winning child custody and living life with dignity.

#8) Oldage home.
--> Evergreen "College Katta" for oldage men.
--> Gate for Moksha.

#9) Analysis and Research on Men's issue in various aspects of life.
--> Train the men to think towards identifying various new issues which are n
ot aware to word(or not fully recognized).